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Payerpath Overview

Payerpath is one of the leading revenue cycle management and clearinghouse services in the United States with over 300million claims processed annually and 600 million revenue cycle management transactions overall. As part of an organization with more than150,000 physicians, Payerpath provides the credibility, experience and results demanded by both payers and providers. First-time pass rates for claims processed through Payerpath reach 98%, significantly better than the industry average of 90-92%. Only Payerpath's comprehensive suite of internet solutions addresses every step in the reimbursement cycle for healthcare organizations. Whether you are a physician practice, clearinghouse or payer, Payerpath can help your organization succeed in the business of healthcare through improved reimbursement and claim management processes that lead to cleaner claims and faster payments.

What makes us unique?

Payerpath provides innovative patient payment and claims management solutions that improve the management of healthcare financial transactions for providers and payers. Unlike other revenue cycle management companies, Payerpath's suite of Internet-based products and services address each step in the revenue cycle, from eligibility verification through patient collection. Developed and continuously updated with input from our clients, our solutions easily interface with practice management or hospital information systems.

Payerpath believes that it is important to develop close, interactive partnerships with payers and their providers. This approach allows Payerpath to achieve an exceptionally high level of quality, knowledge and service to its customers and partners which translates to:

  • Tighter edits, reduced medical claim denials, better reporting and expedited payments for providers and hospitals
  • Cleaner electronic medical claims processed quickly and cost-effectively for payers
  • Most importantly, Payerpath is managed by a team with extensive experience and expertise in revenue cycle management, healthcare financial transactions and information technology. This knowledge gives us a solid understanding of the challenges facing the industry and allows us to develop leading technologies that contributes to the overall success and efficiency of the healthcare community.

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